USB 573/717

A powerful, turnkey, ARINC 573/717 Tester.

USB 573/717 Classic Device Range ZEUS ARINC Setup        


The USB 573/717 provides two ARINC 573/717 reciever channels and two transmitters – enough for all but the most demanding of ARINC 573/717 testing (including all speeds from 32wps up to 4096wps).

Power is taken from the USB connection to the PC; the only other connections are the ARINC 573/717 signals. On board processing and memory takes care of the hard real time requirements, while any USB equipped Windows PC provides the user input and output facilities.

Technical Specifications

For a complete description of this product please download the data sheet.


USB 2.0

2 x ARINC Tx Channels

2 x ARINC Rx Channels

Simultaneous Bi-phase and Bipolar outputs

Variable Output Amplitude

37-way D-type I/O Interface


Rugged, Aluminium Casing

185mm x 113mm x 30mm

480g Weight

Up to 5m USB Cable

0 to 70° Operating Temp.


FREE ZEUS 4.2 (and above)

Customisable Displays

Engineering units conversions

Recording and playback facilities

C++ and .Net APIs

Full Technical Support

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